Rinalytics - Executive Search & Research in Analytics and Risk Management is all we do. We serve ourselves as "Chief Analytics Talent Advisor" to our clients.
Rinalytics is a specialized executive search and executive research firm focused exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management leadership talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors.We do one thing, and we do it really well. We serve ourselves as "Your Chief Analytics Talent Advisor" to our clients. Our clients can leverage us to do a thoroughbred research on current analytics ecosystem, hire interim management gurus, industry veterans to validate analytics strategy, get you to partner with best of B-Schools for demand based curriculum inclusion and more. We simply cater to anything remotely related to analytics that gives our client the edge on strategic talent acquisition and execution of analytics based projects.
We strongly believe that every organization requires effective people at the key points of influence and decision making and finding the right fit is a complex challenge.
Given this scenario, organizations are engaging specialized search firms to find right leaders.

Rinalytics is a strategic sourcing specialist, providing talent research of passive candidates for corporate clients in Risk Management and Analytics space.
Using executive research and talent mapping, we gather intelligence and collate information for our clients regarding passive candidates who are actively working within an industry sector …
It is vital to partner with the right search firm, a specialized firm that is not only knowledgeable about the skills or industries it serves, but also works with them every day.
Keeping current is a key variable for us to deliver good candidates with the right fit so that you have the best results.

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