It is vital to partner with the right search firm, a specialized firm that is not only knowledgeable about the skills or industries it serves, but also works with them every day. Keeping current is a key variable for us to deliver good candidates with the right fit so that you have the best results.

Our first course of action will be to assess your needs and together decide the best approach. Much of our success has been attributed to the adaptability of our search methodology. Your organizational hiring needs may vary depending on a particular situation, budget, and timeliness of the search. The team at Rinalytics will assist you and your organization in crafting a solution that will satisfy your business objectives and agenda, most importantly at an affordable cost. Our team members are specialists who start adding value from day one, resulting in quick turnaround in identifying best suited champion for our clients.

Our challenge – We are confident that our clients will realize that working with a specialized search firm such as ours is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Reduced Lead Time – It’s all about speed.
Being a specialized firm, we are not only knowledgeable about the skills we serve, but also work with them every day. This reduces search cycle time on (1) market mapping (research & analysis), (2) cold calling and (3) most importantly, understanding of our client’s requirement correctly. Rinalytics has redefined the cycle time of the search by delivering long list of potential candidates within 3 working days and short list of potential candidates within 7 working days of kick starting the search.

Executive Search at a rational cost
In the current context, traditional search firms retained search fees are typically structured in thirds (a retainer equal to a third of the projected fee is paid to start the search), huge allocable cost and no guarantee of timely success. Rinalytics team has worked with global search firms and hence realizes the client’s need to find a balanced solution at an affordable cost by offering complete flexibilities on commercials without compromising on the quality of search process.

In this way we forge true partnerships with our clients. No longer making money ‘off’ our clients but ‘with’ them

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