Rinalytics -- Talent Search & Talent Advisory in Analytics and Risk Management is all we do.

Rinalytics is a specialized talent search and talent advisory firm focused exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management leadership talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors.We do one thing, and we do it really well. We serve ourselves as "Your Chief Analytics Talent Advisor" to our clients. Our clients can leverage us to do a thoroughbred research on current analytics ecosystem, hire interim management gurus and industry veterans to validate analytics strategy.We simply cater to anything remotely related to analytics that gives our client the edge on strategic talent acquisition and execution of analytics based projects.The team at Rinalytics brings to bear a combination of industry-specific expertise and an unrivalled reputation for delivery on key positions. Our depth of experience, subject matter expertise, specialization approach and thought leadership results in constantly delivering quality outcomes by aligning our search processes to achieve extraordinary client experience.

At Rinalytics, we believe that expertise is the result of specialization. “Specialization is a key factor to our successful partnerships, focus on core; partner for specialization”. We continue to build on this expertise by keeping abreast of the latest changes in the industry and tapping the best senior talent available.

Rinalytics is headquartered in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, leveraging the vast ecosystem of Risk Management and Analytics talent, technology development and innovation.

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