Over the last few years, analytics has become an integral part of business decision making across all industries, instead of being the domain of certain “traditionally analytically-driven” businesses such as Financial Services, Banking, Pharmaceutical, etc. Gradually, most industries and businesses have come to the realization that smart decision making can only be achieved through data-based analytics and research. As many companies have been investing heavily in their data infrastructure, more and more opportunities to utilize the vast amount of available data to make smarter, faster decisions have been opening up.

At Rinalytics, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience to our clients by helping every step of the way in the hiring process. We work closely with our clients and believe in developing long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. We understand the market dynamics in the analytics space well, so our clients can trust us to do a thorough screening of candidates by our experienced search consultants who has served in analytics roles in various industries.

At Rinalytics, we are committed to provide the best match between employer needs and candidate qualifications, skills and background. Since we specialize in filling positions that require specific quantitative, analytical, data mining, business intelligence, predictive analytics and data-modelling skills, we can stay focused on providing the best possible fit satisfying both employer’s needs and the candidate’s skills. Our team brings a combination of executive search experience, decision science expertise and information technology to deliver on the promise of identifying best suited analytics champions with a right mix of business, analytics and technology skills.
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