At Rinalytics, our consultants have a long history of delivering world-class executive search and executive research services in decision sciences (analytics) cutting across the industry sectors.

Our ability to tailor our search process to conform to the exact needs of our clients, coupled with our unparalleled access to analytics leaders, makes us uniquely qualified to assist companies in their strategic hiring needs.

Whether you are a start-up company or a multi-national company, our analytics executive recruiters can assist you in all your leadership hiring needs. We focus upon a number of priority sectors:

Branded Analytics Providers
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Management Consulting
BPO / KPO / Market Research Companies
IT System Integrators & Product Companies
Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research
Retail & CPG
Convergence Space – Telecom, Media, Entertainment and Online Services
Branded Analytics Providers
Our leadership and talent consulting team provide a bespoke service that improves business performance of pure play analytics providers through valuable leadership talent.

At Rinalytics, Our focused team of analytics search consultants conducts successful searches for branded analytics providers in finance & investment, marketing & customer analytics, risk analytics, operations analytics and retail analytics etc.
BPO/KPO/Market Research
An important trend today is the amount of data being generated across the industry sectors. Analytics as a knowledge service helps businesses monetize information and stay ahead of competition. As companies move up the ladder, they look for more sophisticated
analytics solutions to get greater insights and business value from the data that are generated thru various sources, which led to a new generation of BPO, KPO and Research companies.

At Rinalytics, our executive search offerings for knowledge centers and research companies include:

Domain Specific Analytics (Consumer and Brand Analytics, Web Analytics, CRM Analytics etc.,)
Statistical and Financial Modeling
Market Research and Analytics
Business and Financial Research
Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research
Without any doubt “pharmaceutical” and “life sciences” companies went through significant development in analytics over the past decade. Rinalytics’s subject matter experts closely monitor the industry specific leadership trends, evolving analytic skill sets and help building
world-class analytic leadership teams to the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

Clinical Research
Life Sciences
Management Consulting Firms
Analytics today changed the fundamental approach of management consulting firms. Today’s executives are demanding in-depth and timely analysis of the relevant facts and data, especially information in response to a specific perceived opportunity or risk. Informed executives
make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise.

Analytics help global consulting firms obtain the information they need to make effective decisions regarding business opportunities and risks in wide range of strategic, financial and operational issues of their clients.

At Rinalytics, we provide the complete range of analytics leadership hiring support to the management consulting firms which help them to achieve cost savings, improve efficiency and lead to better results.

Convergence Space – Telecom, Media, Entertainment and Online Services
Online social media represent a fundamental shift of how information is being produced, transferred and consumed. User generated content in the form of blog posts, comments, emails, texts and tweets establish a connection between the producers and the consumers of

Tracking the pulse of the social media, enables companies to gain feedback and insight in how to improve and market products better. For consumers, the abundance of information and opinions from diverse sources helps them tap into the wisdom of crowds, to aid in making more informed decisions.

This trend in social media led to the development of advanced analytics platforms which helps to analyze the information flow in social media, derive valuable insights and help organizations to make faster and smarter operating decisions across huge amounts of social data.

Our specialist analytics search consultants assist companies with wide range of leadership hiring services in social media. Our leadership hiring offerings include:

Web Analytics
Mobile Analytics
Buyer and Seller Analytics
Trust Analytics
Retail & FMCG
Retail and FMCG companies more and more focus on advanced data analytics, predictive analytics and research in their business to address some of the most pressing business problems in this fast changing and highly volatile world economy.
The scope of Big Data in retail is enormous. FMCG companies employ analytics techniques for product preference and profitability analysis, demand forecasting, customer segmentation, sales analysis, brand analysis, stock out analysis, promotion and benchmarking etc. A retailer using Big Data to the full, including trends from social media can increase operating margins by more than 60 percent.

At Rinalytics, our specialized search professionals have extensive knowledge of both retail and analytics industries, enabling us to assist organizations with the critical senior level analytics search for the retail industry.

Captive Units of Retailers
Analytics (Retail) arm of IT System Integrators & Product Companies
Analytics consulting division of Management Consulting Firms
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
Global banks and financial institutions engage various analytic professionals for wide range of analytical requirements include Customer Acquisition strategies, Cross-sell strategies, Application Fraud Detection, Bad
Debt Scorecards, Credit Risk scoring, Collection and Recovery Strategies, Portfolio Valuation and Asset reconstruction strategies etc.,

Our specialist analytics search consultants take a smart, creative and effective approach to find the most valuable analytics talent in banking, financial services and insurance sector.

Captive Units and Knowledge Centres of Banks and Financial Services Institutions
Credit Information companies
Stock Exchanges
IT System Integrators & Product Companies
The global market for business analytics software will have a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent, fueled by pervasive hype about “big data” as well as new technological innovations.

Technology is an enabler of change, not the cause of it – but the “people factor” must be in place before application of ‘technology’ will do any good. At Rinalytics we understand the need for organizations to be at the forefront of operational and technological evolution in analytics.

Our dedicated team of analytics search consultants makes it their business to keep up with the latest developments in today’s analytics world and track the movement of personnel within the market segment to help system integrators and software product companies to attract the best technical talent force in analytics.
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