Rinalytics Executive Research is a strategic sourcing specialist, providing talent research of passive candidates for corporate clients in Risk Management and Analytics space across various industry sectors.

Using executive research and talent mapping, we gather intelligence and collate information for our clients regarding passive candidates who are actively working within an industry sector, the organizations who hire these candidates and market sectors in which you compete for talent.

Executive research is an innovative way to discover key individuals who are not visible within the marketplace and not actively looking for a career change.

We focus our research efforts at senior executive levels throughout a variety of industry sectors but only in the areas of Risk Management and Analytics. Our executive research practice is global in nature, aimed at serving clients throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the United States.

Executive Research Services
Our experience and knowledge in identifying suitable candidates has helped us to develop a niche service within the recruitment sector. We offer research intelligence in the following specialist areas:

Competitor Analysis
Target List Research
Candidate Sourcing & Name Generation
Salary Benchmarking
Candidate Screening
Research Finding Reports

Rinalytics Executive Research will provide your company with the knowledge required to give you a strategic and competitive advantage over your competitors. The knowledge and intelligence gathered can become the main component for your corporate strategy. We will provide you with a detailed overview of where your company stands in your industry sector and who your key competitors are on a local, nationwide or global level.

Rinalytics Executive Research uses their market and subject expertise to compile a strategic target list of organizations where high calibre and relevant candidates will be found. The information provided can be tailored to your needs to include contact details, location, financial profile, size of company, turnover, etc.

We identify highly talented individuals who are already actively and successfully performing within your industry.

Rinalytics Executive Research does not rely on candidate databases; instead, we offer fresh, accurate details of potential candidates that meet your required criteria. We seek out talented individuals who are highly skilled in their current profession. By approaching passive candidates from within your industry enables you to reduce training costs and benefit from experienced and knowledgeable candidates.

Rinalytics provides background research on potential candidates ensuring both a job and culture fit is in place, leading to higher retention of staff.

Salary Benchmarking is a broader ‘snapshot’ of salary and bonus levels. By looking at the market and job levels as a whole we are able to analyse the average salary bandings within these confines. The advantage offers a quicker and more generic solution than that of the Salary Survey, albeit still providing validated results.

Our highly talented approaching team have many years experience in profiling and screening candidates in Risk Management and Analytics space, ensuring that key criteria and relevant experience is met against the job brief. We understand the importance of a cultural fit within your organization; our candidate screening process allows for a smooth transition and the best match for any candidate placed as a result of this research.

This is a ‘closing’ document, which shows all results obtained during the project in a simple, easy-to-read format. This contains useful information such as salary benchmarking and client perceptions, and can serve as an invaluable tool for commercial insight.

Executive Research Methodology
Rinalytics Executive Research uses their in-depth knowledge and experience to gather a true understanding of your requirements and culture. During the 'no obligation' consultation, our project manager will obtain the necessary details and provide you with the most relevant and cost effective solution from our suite of services.

The brief is the starting point to allow us to begin the research assignment; this will be created with the client, and will have all the fundamental requirements necessary for Rinalytics to prepare a detailed proposal for the project. The client brief will serve as the backbone of the project and will also provide our consultants with an insight into your company organization and culture.

The proposal, which will be synonymous with your brief, will clearly outline the agreed solution together with an accurate cost and timeframe to help manage your expectations.

All timescales and fees are quoted upfront and guaranteed. We operate efficiently to ensure our clients receive maximum benefit from our service.

Once you have received our proposal and we have agreed on the project and costing, you will be required to confirm the assignment. From this point our project manager will liaise with you and team to ensure that you receive fluid communication throughout the project, ensuring accurate results.

Our transparent and open policy means that all information obtained during the course of the assignment is available at any time during the process as we are aware that many corporations have manager meetings and deadlines to meet. Progress reports are available daily, weekly or monthly as required.

At the end of each stage our project manager will have a status review with you before moving on to the next stage.

All stages are collated into articulate, easy-to-read reports along with our summary analysis and research findings. Other documentation such as CVs and candidate profiles will also be forwarded at this stage.

Client satisfaction is our main priority. Therefore, once the assignment is completed, we will carry out a review and welcome your feedback.

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