We strongly believe that every organization requires effective people at the key points of influence and decision making and finding the right fit is a complex challenge. Given this scenario, organizations are engaging specialized search firms to find right leaders. However, traditional global search firms might have few shortcomings, namely costly up-front investment with no guarantee of timely success, lack of in-depth subject knowledge, real experience and effective search process and methodology. Rinalytics team has worked with global search firms and hence realizes the client’s need to find a balanced solution at an affordable cost.

We work diligently to understand our clients' needs and our experienced, specialized consultants and dedicated research group are perfectly positioned to deliver fast, high quality executive search services. We have adopted a unique search methodology in terms of our approach to executive search; the process involves rigorous and consultative approach to identify the best suited candidate.

Search Methodology
Careful market mapping by our specialist and researchers enables us to build an accurate assessment of the suitability, potential interest and availability of talent
In-depth, face-to-face interviews with potential candidates where we drilldown on how they lead, how they overcome adversity, what drives them to succeed as well as their emotional quotient (EQ)
We do detailed reference checking with the candidate's former managers, peers, direct reports, customers and business partners
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